What is Know Your Suppliers?

Know Your Suppliers is a supplier management software that stores vital information such as category and services of your suppliers.

What are the benefits of using Know Your Suppliers?

Know Your Suppliers offers a bunch of benefits. Some of them are listed below -

● In a supplier management process, it is difficult to track the entire lifecycle of suppliers. Thus, making this process inefficient. With supplier management software, you can easily track the complete lifecycle of the suppliers.

● A supplier On-boarding software sents automated reminders to your suppliers to complete the compliance. This saves you a lot of time that can be utilized on essential tasks.

● It is deployed on the cloud so that you can access all your supplier’s information, whenever you need it. Also, you don’t need any specific devices as it is compatible with laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

● With analytics, you can evaluate the performance of your suppliers and find the suppliers who are not performing up to the mark.

● The loss of the critical data of your supplier can be harmful to your business. It uses SSL encryption to make your data secure. To streamline the manual tasks at your office, you should adopt digital document management tools since they make various office management processes transparent while being cost-efficient.

● Supplier On-boarding -single point of contact for all supplier management solution like on-boarding, supplier Self registration, upload invoice and many more.