Contract Abstract

Simple contract management managed solution

Warranty management software -Renewalhelp

Measure Compilance

Track Contract Performance

Alerts And Reminder

Timely renewal and check the contract value.

Save Money

Timely renewal and check the contract value.

Risk and Obligation

Track all risk and contract obligation and mitigate with our software

Contract Upload

We upload the contract on your behalf and store in respository


Access from anywhere and everywhere

How It Works ?

01 Share Contract
Share contract with us , we will upload the contract into systems
02 Capture Clause & Important Dates
We capture all important clause, risk, and obligations as per your requirements
03 Upload contract
Upload all contract, amendments , deviation into sysetm
04 Review
Customer can review the contract any point of time and all-important changes, clause reminder is sent in advance

Contract Abstract -Benefits

  • Visibility into 100% of contractual liabilities at the click of a mouse
  • Address all your contracts which needed immediate renewals
  • Contractual compliance, leading to positioning of the client as a ‘compliant vendor’
  • Easy access to all contracts of the acquired entities
  • Reduce evaluation
  • Time saving
  • Straight forward and uncomplicated –Data
  • Versatility

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