What is RenewalHelp?

RenewalHelp (Warranty Reminder Software) is a tool which digitizes the contract management process so that a user doesn’t have to worry about storing, managing and tracking the renewal records of the various contracts which a corporate organization has to maintain regularly.

What are the features of RenewalHelp?

RenewalHelp offers a bunch of features. Some of them are listed below.

● RenewalHelp’s automatic reminder feature sends you reminders of the various items the user has saved. It will make sure the user never misses a renewal date.

● RenewalHelp’s single interface feature brings all the information and data related to the renewable business document on a single screen, and in the process, saves a lot of time of a user.

● RenewalHelp’ managed service feature is a part of the corporate plan, in which a user is enrolled in the vendor assist program. This feature helps a user control cost and provide timely renewals alerts.

● RenewalHelp’s customized notification feature provides the user with alerts about upcoming renewals in advance through text and emails.

● RenewalHelp’s robust security feature maintains data privacy and security of the data. Thus, it becomes hard for unscrupulous parties to break the security cover and get access to the data of any user.

● RenewalHelp is web-based; this means a user can access all his data from anywhere, from any type of device. It may be a computer, laptop, or even mobile.

● RenewalHelp is user-friendly and has an interactive user interface, specially crafted to make it easy to use and understand.

● RenewalHelp Android App makes it convenient for a user to manage all the expiries over a smartphone any time he/she wants, thus saving time of visiting a website.

● Renewal Help, warranty reminder software, where you can track all your upcoming IT hardware , software warranty and store contract

What are the benefits of RenewalHelp?

RenewalHelp offers many benefits to its users. Some of them are listed below.

● RenewalHelp never lets the user forget a renewal date. Thus, saving the user from burning a lot of cash on unwanted penalties.

● RenewalHelp has a friendly support team that provides timely support whenever the user needs help.

In the end, we can conclude, using digital document management tools can make tedious and manual tasks easier, transparent, and cost-efficient at the office