01. Supplier Onboarding

Vendor onboarding software enable help to review supplier registration,provide accurate category, DUNS or TIN Data, our Vendor/Supplier onboarding can have the integrate workflow with your system in ERP.

Maintaining spreadsheet or excel can be complex but our supplier onboarding process provides you hoslistic view of all supplier in streamlines manner with beautifully designed dashboard, distribution by category or by locations

Now send all communication to supplier the way you want through our supplier onboarding tool.

02. Are you looking to make your procurement process faster and more efficient?

Automation is the answer!

With automation, your procurement process(RFP Software) can become more streamlined and simplified. You can reduce manual entry errors, eliminate data silos, and automate payment cycles. Automation also enables you to quickly identify potential savings opportunities and more accurately track and monitor your spending. Read More

03. Benefits of Supplier Management Software

Imagine you got a call from an important client. He asked you for some part, assuming you can arrange it for him, you commit to him. You take out a book that has suppliers list. You try to check the supplier who provides that specific part, but you end up realizing that you don’t remember which supplier can offer that particular part.

A situation like this can happen to anyone, including you. These kinds of situations can harm the relationship with your valuable clients, and can indirectly harm your business. To safeguard themselves from situations like this, many organizations have started using supplier management software. Read More

04. ContraPact

The contract is the core of the procurement process. From opportunity assessment and identification, through savings and project planning, sourcing and negotiation, and to supplier award, the entire procurement process leads to the successful execution of a contract.

Procurement’s success depends not on the existence of the contract but on its utilization and on all parties’ compliance with its terms. ContraPact by Contisoft contract management provides a complete contract solution — from original request through to long-term maintenance and monitoring.

05. RenewalHelp

Contract document expiration date reminder software, so that you don’t miss any renewal date of your important document & notified in advance with our email and SMS service. Read More

06. Smart Software Solutions for Smart Offices

In the last decade, technology has transformed numerous operational processes in an organization. These transformations have made these processes simple and efficient. Today, we are going to talk about some of these smart solutions, which are helping offices to become smarter in their approach.

For instance, corporate workspaces need to hire a large workforce to handle their documentation work, which is lengthy and tedious. It results into a substantial burn rate. To avoid this, nowadays, various organizations are using digital document management tools to manage the documentation regularly. Read More

07. IT hardware and software warranty reminder software initiative:-

As many of the companies are still managing their IT hardware, software licence, networking , data centre equipment and maintenance contract, warranty information in excel or spreadsheet..

Managing all the warranty information in excel is manual, cumbersome and dependent work. .

In many occasions if it get missed and it could lead to

  • Non compliant to renewal
  • Warranty loss
  • Service disruption Read More

08. Renewal Help, Contract expiration date reminder software

We want to make contract management easy and affordable. We didn’t like that other contract management systems are so complicated with too many features which have never been used.

Renewalhelp, simple and easy to use contract expiration date reminder software where you can do below 1- Set auto reminder or alerts for all your upcoming contract expiration date reminder , software sends all reminders in advance for all upcoming contract renewal , you can set the reminder as per your convenience. Read More

09. TenderItnow: Automate Your RFP Process

Through the request for proposal (RFP) process, buyers can compare various features and price options between potential vendors. It is an important element of the procurement process. Developing a structured RFP process aligns and streamlines the procurement process for both buyers and vendors. To facilitate the procedure while saving time and money and eliminating errors, you can take the helpRead More

10. Renewal Help, Contract expiration date reminder software

Office space of any industry is often a busy place. Numerous things are going on simultaneously. As an office administrator or owner of an organization, there are multiple office management tasks in your to-do list apart from your regular responsibilities.

And many times, due to a high workload, you forget to perform the office chores. For instance, You had a meeting planned in a month advance. It is a crucial meeting for your organization. You put in day-night efforts to complete the PPT’s, demo works, and all other activities. Finally, the day of the meeting arrives, you are with the client in the meeting room. The presentation is in the mid, and suddenly the light goes out. Read More

11. Saves time while engaging in a procurement process

TenderITnow is an RFP software that offers a bidding system for RFQ/RFP. It automates the process of sourcing and bidding on RFPs. With this software, you can create, share, manage and track your RFQs in one place.

The traditional way of handling RFQs is by using email to send them to suppliers and then waiting for a response. This way of doing things is time-consuming and inefficient. TenderITnow’s online bidding system will automate this process by making it easier for suppliers to submit their bids and for you to review them. Read More

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