Supplier onboarding

Vendor onboarding tool enable help to review supplier registration,provide accurate category, DUNS or TIN  Data , our vendor /Supplier onboarding can have the integrate workflow with your system in ERP.

Maintaining spreadsheet or excel can be complex but our supplier onboarding process provides you hoslistic view of all supplier in streamlines manner with beautifully designed dashboard , distribution by category, or by locations


Now send all communication to supplier the way you want through our supplier onboarding tool.

Purchase requisition

Track all your purchase request from day one  and don’t miss anything, simplified process for procurement , no more paper work or email required to send purchase request or indent form.

Our purchase requisition solution is here to automate all your purchase request,


End user track the status or purchase request

Our solution can be integrated and work with all types of ERP

Fully customized

Request for quote or request for proposal:-

Our online RFP or RFQ solution is designed keeping in minds transparency and compliance & this is conducted through online /real time portal and avoid using any other means communication


Our RFP software integrate with all type of ERP, which save time and assist you in evaluating supplier and discover new supplier


with SimpliProcure you can Electronically submit new purchase requests and notify the concerned/Procurement department about the requirements through our simpliprocure solution and get complete visibility of your all open and closed purchase request.

Optimize your organization’s purchase request with our solutions

Consolidation of purchase request helps in save time and effort through single platform for purchase request.

Track Compliance

Reduce maverick purchase

Control spend

Product Catalogue



Workflow based


beautifully deisgned comparison software , to compare all document in any format and spot the difference .

Comparing word to word

Comparing word to PDF

Comparing  PDF to PDF


Comparing  Excel to Excel


Contract document expiration date reminder software, so that you don’t miss any renewal date of your important document & notified in advance with our email and SMS service

You can use renewalhelp for below area to store ,track and get notified

IT hardware expiry Date reminder

Contract expiry Date reminder

Insurance expiry Date reminder

Agreement expiry Date reminder

Visa expiry Date reminder

License expiry Date reminder

Membership expiry date reminder

Subscription expiry date reminder

Membership expiry date reminder

Annual maintenance contract reminder

Fixed deposit expiry date reminder


Plant & maintenance expiry date reminder

Smart Software Solutions for Smart Offices

Smart Software Solutions for Smart Offices

In the last decade, technology has transformed numerous operational processes in an organization. These transformations have made these processes simple and efficient. Today, we are going to talk about some of these smart solutions, which are helping offices to become smarter in their approach.


For instance, corporate workspaces need to hire a large workforce to handle their documentation work, which is lengthy and tedious. It results into a substantial burn rate. To avoid this, nowadays, various organizations are using digital document management tools to manage the documentation regularly.


We at Contisoft technologies are transforming the procurement and contract management digitally, and also aim to reduce financial risks by providing the complete sourcing solutions. Our platform offers a complete solution for supplier onboarding, contract management, RFQ, and purchase requisition.


Before we take a detailed look at our services, let’s answer some of your common queries.

Smart Offices Needs Smart Solutions

Smart Offices Needs Smart Solutions

We live in a world of constant changes. The biggest catalyst for these changes is the widespread use and rise of technology. Over the years, it has changed various things around us.

For instance, we used wired landline phones for communication, now we use smartphones. There are numerous examples like these, that display how technology has transformed various things around us.


We at Contisoft Technologies with the help of technology are transforming the procurement and contract management digitally.

With the aim to reduce financial risks by providing end-to-end sourcing solutions. Our products offer solutions for supplier onboarding, contract management, RFQ, and purchase requisition.


Today, we are going to discuss in detail about our three products that have transformed the processes in our workspaces, and have modified the way we work. The products are SimpliProcure, Know Your Suppliers and TenderItNow.