What is ContraPact?

The contract is the core of the procurement process. From opportunity assessment and identification, through savings and project planning, sourcing and negotiation, and to supplier award, the entire procurement process leads to the successful execution of a contract.

Procurement’s success depends not on the existence of the contract but on its utilization and on all parties’ compliance with its terms. ContraPact by Contisoft contract management provides a complete contract solution — from original request through to long-term maintenance and monitoring

Our contract repository and a collaborative, secure, contract authoring and workflow solution, enables the complete management of contract documents throughout their life cycle

Self service contract management flow software, Electronically submit all your contract request and notify your procurement and legal for review and approval, no more email and follow up.

State-of-the-Art in Contract Automation

Contract Automates the creation of contracts request, to execution, saving tons of time and effort. ContraPact contract request function will let busy people request a contract, specify the key parameters, and based on role-specific rules those contracts can be created on the fly. Perfect for cases such as NDAs, MSA or vendor contract, addendum, and parent –child relationship.

Executive dashboards provide 360-degree visibility of contract status across the enterprise and deep- level analytical reporting tools can trawl the ContraPact data warehouse for all activity and data related to your key contracts.